You can use our services since 2016.

We currently have 15 employees at two workshops, in Budweis and in Zaječí.

Steel, stainless steel and aluminum products are not a problem for us. We offer laser cutting, bending, producing weldments up to 5000 kg and much more. We perform both piece and serial production, including assembling of our products. We supply from Bohemia and Moravia to Austria and Switzerland.




After the studies I had a chance going to Austria for work, which I appreciate. I have gained a lot of valuable experiences and learned precision, which cannot be missed in any profession. With acquired experiences, I started looking for suitable premises in Czechia (Budweis) and in 2016, I started my business.

In the beginning I was able to do everything on my own, but the amount of orders was increasing quickly and it was necessary to employ more qualified workers. We made it to the German market, too. The number of orders from Austria went up and we were finally able to get bigger.

In 2018 we had to expand to a Private Limited Company. At this time, the company had 4 employees. We started to do finishing operations by varnishing, powder coating and hot-dip galvanizing. We signed contracts in Switzerland at the turn of years 2018 and 2019. The volume of orders kept increasing and we werent able to produce semi-                  finished procuts for all of our orders. We had to get them made by external companies.

Our workshop in Budweis wasn't big enough to handle the amount of orders and we had to extend our capacity. We started to look for more premises and we got an idea to make a second workshop and moving part of our production there. We found the most suitable premises in Moravia, where I come from. In 2020 we rented a large area there and made a big production hall (2000 m²) working. The company currently employs 15 workers already and provides complex metal fabrication including sufrace finishing and construction. 

Wet and powder coating directly in our premises is the last step to the complexity of our company. The company is a family type, we all know each other very well and I would like it to remain so. At this amount of employees, we are fully able to meet deadlines and keep the current high professionalism and quality of work..


"If your job is also your hobby, you have won." - Petr Pochylý, company director


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