Our technologies


Laser cutting

(2000x4000 mm surface)

Complete project elaboration (3D models - DXF, STEP, etc.)

Laser power: 4000W

Our laser is able to burn up to 20 mm of steel, 12 mm of stainless steel & 8 mm of aluminium.

Semi-automatic material loading

(can be adapted to your drawings)



Press brake bending

Lenght of the press brake: 4m

Compression power: 250t

High variety of components and tools



Sheet metal bending

Up to 16mm width

Up to 3000mm length



Milling and turning

Turning materials

Basic type



Ideal for piece production

Big range of tools - high variability




Variable premises

Weldments up to 5000kg

More complicated constructions with assembly - turnkey

Examples of our products:

Training tower with a rescue tank hall for the Budweis fire brigade (2020), stainless steel tanks for injection molding machines, construction for painting lines, recycling conveyor, excavator buckets, lifts, agricultural machinery, roller frames, prefabricated halls and hall constructions, installation in buildings - new steel floor, aluminum switchboards for electric buses and much more.



Spot welding
(Resistance welding)

Ideal for thin surfaces



Strut nailing

Capacitor welding

M3 - M8 struts

Steel, Stainless steel



Surface finishing

Wet varnish

Powder coating

Grinding of stainless steel surfaces to the form of machine-cut sheet metal

Hot-dip galvanizing



Electrochemical weld cleaning

Fast and effective method

Suitable only for stainless steel surfaces



Metallurgical material cutting

Cutting materials up to Ø 300mm

10m long roller conveyor 

Cutting by hand grinders




Own truck with a load capacity of 9t & loading length of 7m




By an agreement

Even more complex assemblies can be performed individually



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